9:00am to 6:00pm

From from 1am Friday 9 July the Check In Qld app will be mandatory for anyone visiting the Centre. In order to help our community transition to "Check In" using the Check In Qld app, we have already introduced the Qld QR code in-Centre. 

You can find our unique QR code for Capalaba Central at the following locations around Centre:
  • Every entrance 
  • Columns at every entrance 
  • Bollard covers at every entrance 
  • Poster stands 
  • Amenities 
From 1am Friday 9 July, you will also be required to check in at various retailers in-Centre. The retailers that require your "Check In" will have their own unique QR code to scan upon entry. 
When visiting the Welcome Desk you are required to "Check In" at Capalaba Central with the Check In Qld app if you have not done so upon entering the Centre. 

We understand there may be technical difficulties at times, our Welcome Desk Team has been trained in how to help you download the app, log in manually and/or we can help you login through our Business Profile. Please also understand our Welcome Desk team are here for Customer Service and are not able to fix technical difficulties. 

Community is our family, and we thank you for making Community your priority too!