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The Ultimate Guide To a Stylish Home Office

With the silly season behind us and the daily grind in full swing, we often find our work joining us for the ride home. This is the perfect time to reinvent your home office, revitalise your space, and kick those back-to-work blues. The key to creating an optimal workspace is finding the perfect combination of functionality and style. A curated space can do wonders for your mood and productivity. Add some practical products to maximise your efficiency and you’ve got one happy worker! We’ve laid out all our top-tips, styling advice and must-have products to guide you on your home office revamp. Whether you’re a work from home gal or just like to check your emails on a Sunday afternoon, check out everything you need to know about overhauling your home office below.   



There are a few basics to get down pat when it comes to reinventing your workspace. First of all, think about positioning. When choosing your space, opt for somewhere in your house with plenty of natural light. Setting up near a window will elevate your mood and will also allow for a calming breeze (when there is one) to float through the space. Since this is Queensland, it can’t hurt to add an extra fan into the room. We love these art deco, tripod styles from Harvey Norman that will not only provide some extra comfort but also, add an eye-catching feature to your room. If your office is a little squishy, our secret weapon is mirrors on the wall. This technique has been proven to give the appearance of a larger space… so simple!

When it comes to the colour palette of your office space, keep it neutral. A blank canvas is a perfect way to keep your space light and fresh without noisy colours creating unnecessary chaos. You can then introduce pops of your favourite colours through the furnishings. 

When it comes to the furniture, choosing the perfect desk and chair is paramount. This Scandi inspired desk from Big W is ideal with its drawers and keyboard cubby ensuring your space is kept neat and tidy. Picking out an office chair is as personal as your coffee order. Swivel, no swivel, leather or cotton, high or low back, the possibilities are endless. We love seeing the funky, non-traditional styles coming through when it comes to office chairs. Our advice is to test out a few in the store first before purchasing - just try and keep it tonal to the rest of your furniture. 

Organisation is a fundamental element to a successful workspace. Everything on your desk should have a designated home to avoid stress-inducing clutter. If Marie Kondo has taught us anything, it’s that storage saviours are crucial to creating a joyful space. Your storage solutions don’t have to be any less stylish than the rest of your workspace. Use natural fibres such as woven baskets and wooden organisers to add homey, yet useful touches. 

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This is where you can let your creative instincts take over. The personal touches you introduce to your home office can really elevate the space, making it unique to your personal taste. Our top tip when it comes to furnishing a tranquil space is to add plenty of PLANTS! Little green friends introduce a feeling of being connected to nature when being indoors and instantly bringing a peaceful vibe into your room. Not only are they visually interesting, but they also have the health benefit of filtering the air which is a bonus! You can stop by our Big W garden section for a generous selection of plants, however, if you’re a little slack when it comes to the maintenance side of things, we won’t judge you for grabbing a couple of these artificial beauties from Pillow Talk. 

When designing your space, the goal is to create a zone that engages all your senses. Whether that be adding your favourite scented candle to soothe your soul, a speaker to play your pump-up tunes or a picture of that holiday your working towards, it’s all about creating a positive environment that encourages you to keep working towards your goals. Surrounding yourself with images or quotes really work as positive affirmations. Use your decorations to remind you of special memories or exciting future prospects.

There’s something about picking out new stationary that’s super exciting. Perhaps the fact that it takes us back to those old school days of choosing fresh pens and pencils for the start of term, or just the satisfaction of opening a completely new notebook. Whatever it is, take some time to enjoy selecting some new stationary for your newly refreshed home office. Be sure to keep them all matching for a cohesive desk space. However, our top tip is restraint. The temptation to buy every single piece of stationary possible might be strong, but in order to avoid an overly cluttered, impractical space, only purchase the things you’re sure to use. When in doubt, just remember the perfect balance of function and style is what you should be aiming for.

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